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2024 CBA Membership Update - November

November 12 @ 10-11 AM PT | FREE FOR ALL CALIFORNIA BANKERS | Virtual

About this Event

How to Generate More Profit and Add More Discipline and Consistency to Your Pricing Process with Strunk Pricing Manager
Are you 100% comfortable with the method you employ today to set rates on loans and deposits? At times, do you worry that you are just matching the competition or sometimes that your lenders are more concerned with giving the customer a good deal vs. making money for the bank? Most bankers would say they are not completely comfortable with their pricing methodology today and that too often matching the competition or giving ‘one of our best customers’ a good deal is the first club out of the bag.

During this session we will explore the factors that should be considered when setting rates on loans and deposits. Methods to drive consistency will also be discussed - not just consistency from lender to lender, but also consistency from one product to another and over time. In addition, the session will also address:

  • Methods to establish more discipline in pricing
  • If I don’t just match the competition, how do I win more business?
  • Increasing profit through a more formal pricing process
  • How to gain lender buy-in

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Tuesday November 12, 2024

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Dan Roderick


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