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CBA: In Business to Help its Members Succeed

The California Bankers Association is in business to help its member banks – regardless of their size or specialization – to succeed in California’s dynamic marketplace.


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Simone Lagomarsino Oped: Bank regulation reform bills offer sensible solutions to promote economic growth

CBA President & CEO Simone Lagomarsino discusses the need for regulatory reform to promote economic growth in an Orange County Register oped.

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Simone Lagomarsino Oped: Sensible Solutions for California’s Economic Growth

CBA President & CEO Simone Lagomarsino authored an oped the appeared in this weekend’s East Bay Times, calling for Congress to act on a tailored approach to the current regulatory system.

View the opinion editorial here.

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Equifax Breach: Resources to Communicate with Your Customers

As the Equifax breach continues to dominate headlines, you may begin to get questions from your customers and the media. Here are a few resources you might find helpful as you decide how to communicate about the breach:

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Orange County Register Editorial: Operation Choke Point is finally suffocated

CBA President and CEO, Simone Lagomarsino, discusses Operation Choke Point, and the regulatory requirements that force bankers to spend much of their time and money intrusively policing their own customers in an Orange County Register editorial.

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Florida and California Bankers, Far Apart but Flying Together

CBA President and CEO Simone Lagomarsino and Florida Bankers Association President and CEO Alex Sanchez discuss the upcoming joint Washington, D.C. Visit with Bloomberg.

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Simone Lagomarsino Santa Maria Sun Opinion Editorial: Credit Unions’ Tax Exemption no Longer Justified

CBA President and CEO Simone Lagomarsino says the credit unions’ tax exemption is no longer justified.

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The California Bankers Association and Beacon Economics Release California Economic Impact Report
Report reveals banks play a critical role in supporting California's economy

The California Bankers Association (CBA) and Beacon Economics have released a report, “The Economic Impact of California Banks” which examines the critical role banks play in supporting California’s economy and the communities where they do business. We have also produced a video that complements and highlights the important findings in the report.

The report is authored by Chris Thornberg, Ph.D., founding partner at Beacon Economics, and updates a previous study conducted in 2013.

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Fix Dodd-Frank
Bankers want a surgical fix for Dodd-Frank. Learn more about the customers hurt by its overly burdensome rules.

The CBA is pleased to share with you the following  video we have created that highlights the negative impact the qualified mortgage and ability to repay rules contained in the Dodd-Frank Act are having on banks’ lending activities. The video is intended to be a resource for all bankers to use to highlight the need to fix specific elements of Dodd-Frank, particularly QM/ATR, as you meet with local elected officials, community leaders, or in forums with your customers. Please also feel free to share and link to the video on your social media platforms.

Legislation & Advocacy

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CBA Signs Letter of Support for Regulatory Relief

The financial regulatory reform issue has moved to the Senate now that the House has passed the Financial Choice Act on a party-line vote. CBA joined 51 other state banking associations in a joint letter to Senate leadership urging support for a regulatory relief bill that is currently in development under the direction of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo and Ranking Member Maxine Waters.

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Treasury Releases Report Suggesting Significant Reforms to Banking Regulations

The U.S. Treasury Department has officially issued its 150-page report, making several recommendations for how Congress and the regulatory agencies can streamline bank regulation in a way that promotes economic growth.


Legislation & Advocacy

As the largest banking trade association in California, CBA is the voice of the industry when it comes to legislative, regulatory and legal advocacy. Our efforts strive to ensure a free and competitive market among financial service providers, a level playing field with our competitors, and promote financial education that empowers consumers to exercise real choice.