These People Drive Me Crazy
Headache remedies and other pain relievers for employees and managers

Let’s face it, some your customers and coworkers are a big pain in the shoulder blades!

Ready to learn how to deal with those types? Want real world help on managing your emotions? Want to take less Tylenol and Advil for the headaches others cause you? Is there even a slight chance you are someone who drives somebody else crazy? Get ready to put an end to people who sabotage teamwork, don’t pull their load and those that live to create turmoil! This program will provide you with excellent tactics for dealing with the challenging people issues that frequent the workplace.


Managers want to know what to do with employees who:

  • Don’t want to work,
  • Won’t follow dress code,
  • You tell them to stop a behavior and next week they’re back at it,
  • Hang on the phone on personal calls,
  • Come to work late,
  • Can’t quit saying, “where I used to work they…”,
  • Act rude or unfriendly with customers and co-workers,
  • Balk at change,
  • Take pride in complaining and whining, or
  • The veteran employee that can’t quit saying “they don’t pay me enough to do this” and
  • The boss who talks the talk and isn’t willing to walk the talk.

Employees want to know what to do with people who:

  • Use rude behavior,
  • Avoid being cooperative,
  • Talk about others behind their back,
  • Refuse to be a team player,
  • Are negative, grouchy and hard to get along with,
  • Act like they are the boss or a big shot, or
  • Officers that don’t support your decisions and
  • The boss who talks the talk and isn’t willing to walk the talk.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding yourself and others – motivation, how it works,
  • The ground rules, expectations and goals,
  • Consequences vs. punishment,
  • Dialog that works – what to say and how to say it,
  • How to garner support and respect for your ideas, and
  • How to create a work world everyone wants to work in.


All employees … anyone with a pulse! Including anyone who supervises others or solves the people issues at your organization. You will find yourself wishing everyone had tuned in!


Honey Shelton brings the best of both worlds to her speaking and training engagements. She has 30 plus years of experience as a training and quality improvement consultant for banks and banking associations across the country. Her depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and compelling personality has left a lasting mark on InterAction Training, the firm she founded in 1983.

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