Social Engineering, Counterfeit IDs & Fraudulent Items

Nail fraudulent transactions before you take a loss. This webinar will help your frontline staff and management identify potentially fake identification or counterfeit items and know how deceptive answers work to defeat their examination.

Thanksgiving signals the start of the fraud season.  Banks are now entering the time of year where they are most vulnerable to criminal attacks. Social engineers recruit money mules, hackers and even account holders to defraud the institution.  Among the tools they use are fraudulent identification, counterfeit items and forgeries.

This insightful program will instruct staff on the proper way to review identification documents. We will provide them a step-by-step procedure that will nail a fraudulent transaction before you take a loss. They will learn how to review other counterfeit items, like cash, using similar steps. Fraudulent signatures cause everyone losses!  This program will provide you a simple training technique to use with frontline staff on how to recognize potentially traced or forged signatures.  We will review the documents and tools your financial institution should have to examine questionable items.

We will then focus on how a social engineer or money mule tries to manipulate frontline staff. Attendees will discover how social engineers obtain information on who has accounts with your bank and how they use deceptive answers to defeat out-of-wallet questions.


  • Discover an easy technique to train new staff on how to identify forged, altered, or traced signatures
  • Know the tools you should have available to examine fraudulent documents
  • Learn the techniques that confidence people will use to confuse the person analyzing a transaction
  • Gain insight on the techniques social engineers use to defeat your financial institution


This webinar is for frontline staff and management who must be able to examine potentially fake identification or counterfeit items and know how deceptive answers work to defeat their examination. Frontline staff, security officers, branch managers, trainers, risk management officers and anyone working with account holders will all benefit.


Barry Thompson, CRCM, Thompson Consulting Group LLC, is an international speaker, trainer, consultant and writer. Barry has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades, and has held the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president. He organizes security conferences for trade groups and has handled over 900 security cases and has been involved with investigations and prosecutions at federal, state and local levels. 

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