Signature Card Danger Zones: Account Titling, Ownership & Access

It’s critical that bankers clearly understand ownership, titling and access under your signature card contract.  Attend this program to learn about risks, liability and losses that can occur, and, most importantly, how to avoid these issues!

What would happen if you were called upon to give a deposition in court on a signature card for an account you opened 13 years ago at an institution you no longer worked for?  What would you say when an attorney asked you to remember the customer’s intentions when you opened that account?  This actually happened.  A banker had placed an “X” on the signature card in between JTWROS and JTWOROS.

In this informative program you will learn that your signature cards are a legacy that you leave the bank for many years to come.  How a signature is set up can impact your customer’s FDIC coverage. It’s critical that bankers clearly understand ownership, titling and access under your signature card contract.  If you do not then the bank will have potential liability.  This is a “must attend” webinar in order to learn more about risks, liability and losses that can occur due to signature card contracts. And, most importantly, how to avoid these issues!


  • Understanding the five major components of a signature card
  • What are the “big three” and what happens when they don’t match
  • Losses, liability and what went wrong in cases where banks lost big money
  • Dealing with signature card changes: white out, crossed out, etc.
  • Looking for key signature card issues:  offset, how to close accounts, etc.
  • How a signature card set-up can cause your customer to be uninsured by the FDIC


This informative session is for new accounts representatives, personal bankers, branch managers, branch administration, training, tellers who open accounts and anyone else that has new account opening or training responsibilities.


Deborah Crawford is President of gettechnical inc., a firm, specializing in the education of financial institutions nationwide. Her 27+ years of experience began at Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans. Debbie specializes in the area of deposit account laws, new account documentation, insurance, complex compliance regulations and IRAs.

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