Security: Some Assembly Required

Your institution appointed you Security Manager. If only there was a template you could use to develop and maintain an appropriate security function. Good news: such a template is included in this presentation. You’ll receive a practical, prioritized list of things that must be done and the rationale for doing them.

This presentation focuses upon considerations to examine and tasks that must be completed to create and manage an effective Security Program. How you “market” yourself will determine your effectiveness, and the security function traditionally doesn’t “market” itself well.

Security is about policies, procedures, practices – and politics. If the new Security Manager inherited the Security Program from a predecessor, it’s likely that he/she will recommend changes to the institution’s policies, procedures and practices. The Security Manager must plan for some resistance and make certain the needs of every business unit are considered and — wherever possible — accommodated. If the new Security Manager is developing the institution’s first-ever Security Program, the information provided may save considerable time, energy and other resources.

Developing allies is an essential part of any Security Manager’s success. Convincing the Board, HR, Retail Operations and Audit of the benefits of a robust security function may make the difference between the institution’s success and failure. The presentation’s “checklist” format identifies critical decision-making points; issues to address quickly;  guidelines for establishing a work plan; and prepares the Security Manager to adapt this format for the entire institution.


  • Start With The Board of Directors
  • Research Your New Role
  • Identify Security-Related Issues
  • Identify Your Existing Resources
  • Identify & Examine Existing Equipment & Facilities
  • Develop Alliances
  • Make a List of What the Institution has to Lose
  • Develop a Preliminary Security Budget
  • Develop a Work Plan
  • Get Consensus


Security Officers, HR Managers, Auditors, Directors, Legal Counsel, Training Managers and Compliance Officers.


Dana Turner, Security Education Systems

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