Safe Deposit Boxes – The Do’s and Don’ts

Top Fifty “Most Important” Daily Operating Procedures – 2014 Update

The safe deposit operation is a unique, fast-changing service in the financial industry. It is the only product or service in which members of your staff do not know the value of a consumer’s assets. As a result, every vault transaction can lead to considerable liability. Effective procedures and sound daily practices can counteract and minimize this risk. This seminar covers the “nuts and bolts” and the recommended day-to-day operating procedures for your institution.


  • Why should keys to all unrented boxes by secured in locking key wallets?
  • Why should renters be provided with a “No Insurance” disclosure form?
  • Who should handle the renter’s key and container during a box access?
  • What tools (purchased on EBAY) can open a renter’s safe deposit box?
  • What ten items must be included in a “New Safe Deposit Renter’s Kit”?
  • What liability exists if access is allowed “before or after” lobby hours?
  • What five types of identification are needed on every new box rental?
  • Why must safe deposit keys be maintained under strict dual control?
  • What ten steps must be followed when granting access to a box?
  • What ten steps must be performed when a renter closes a box?
  • What are the four most important key control procedures?
  • What are the four different styles of box rental contracts?


This informative program will benefit safe deposit supervisors, full time or relief vault attendants, auditors, or any employee who works in the safe deposit area.


David P. McGuinn, President of Safe Deposit Specialists, is a former banker with 45 years of safe deposit experience and is often referred to nationwide as the safe deposit GURU. In all 50 states he has trained over 250,000 safe deposit personnel since 1969, and has served the industry as President of AIB and the American, Texas and Houston Safe Deposit Associations. Dave is a featured speaker for the American Bankers Association’s TV network and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Banking-New York, Washington Post, Money Magazine, New York Magazine, Associated Press, AARP, National Public Radio, FDIC, CUNA, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC Nightly News and Court TV on current safe deposit issues. McGuinn has created numerous training programs and his Safe Deposit Policy and Procedures Handbook, Regulatory/Compliance manual, products, brochures and training seminars are now the accepted standard for the financial industry.

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