Safe Deposit Box Employee Compliance Certification Program (Part 3)
The Certification Program is a four part series.

This Safe Deposit Box Compliance Certification Program is designed to provide your staff with overall knowledge of how to establish correct day-to-day operating procedures, comply with safe deposit box regulations, properly run a safe deposit department and reduce your potential liability. Topics will include potential liability, nationwide lawsuits, safe deposit regulations and many other important compliance issues. 

Participants will learn how to properly rent, surrender and access boxes, establish proper key control and comply with current state and federal safe deposit regulations. These four compliance presentations will also answer the “Most Frequently Asked” safe deposit procedures, security and disaster questions and will provide all REQUIRED regulatory and compliance training.

NOTE: The Certification Program is a four part series.

* To receive the Safe Deposit Box Employee Compliance Certification Certificate, one participant at your location must attend all four sessions and pass an online final exam. A $30 exam fee will be charged for each additional participant taking the certification exam.


Session 3: Federal and State Regulatory Compliance and Other Legal Issues

  • Does your contract’s “Right of Offset” clause allow you to debit a box renter’s account?
  • What should you do with dangerous or illegal contents found in a drilled past due box?
  • Are your procedures in compliance with OCC/FDIC/NCUA examiner’s requirements?
  • Why do some states require a new renter to receive a “No Insurance” disclosure form?
  • Can you modify a contract and add a “Payable-On-Death” or “Living Trust” clause?
  • What SEVEN suspicious safe deposit transactions sometimes require filing a SAR?
  • Are you following the new federal safe deposit document retention requirements?
  • Do all Americans with Disabilities Act regulations apply to safe deposit boxes?
  • Who can legally enter a (single or joint) deceased renter’s box in most states?
  • How does the USA Patriot Act affect all safe deposit operations nationwide?
  • How can incorrect past due drilling procedures make a box renter very rich?
  • Can money, guns, drugs and precious metals legally be stored inside a box?
  • What careful wording should be included in your past due box final notice?
  • What fees and past due charges can be collected from a delinquent renter?
  • How did poor “Box Relocation” procedures cause a $5,500,000 lawsuit?
  • What BSA and SAR violations are compliance examiners finding today?
  • When and how are abandoned box contents turned over to your state?


This safe deposit compliance program is designed to update compliance officers, safe deposit supervisors, vault attendants, branch managers, security personnel, auditors, training directors, new account representatives and your in-house legal counsel.


David P. McGuinn, President of Safe Deposit Specialists, is a former banker with 45 years of safe deposit experience and is often referred to nationwide as the safe deposit GURU. In all 50 states he has trained over 250,000 safe deposit personnel since 1969, and has served the industry as President of AIB and the American, Texas and Houston Safe Deposit Associations. Dave is a featured speaker for the American Bankers Association’s TV network and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Banking-New York, Washington Post, Money Magazine, New York Magazine, Associated Press, AARP, National Public Radio, FDIC, CUNA, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC Nightly News and Court TV on current safe deposit issues. McGuinn has created numerous training programs and his Safe Deposit Policy and Procedures Handbook, Regulatory/Compliance manual, products, brochures and training seminars are now the accepted standard for the financial industry.

Credit Information

Institute of Certified Bankers: Visit http://www.icbmembers.org/login.aspx for instructions regarding self-reporting. Estimated credits: 10.0 credits.


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