Opening Deposit Accounts: Business Accounts: Part 1
Two hour tele-web seminar October 15, 2012

This tele-web seminar will begin on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Pacific Time.

Employees who open deposit accounts face real challenges. This seminar explains the most common forms of organization business customers use: sole proprietorships, corporations and LLCs. Why would customers choose to operate a partnership, rather than a corporation? What’s a limited partnership? Which entities must register with the state? What is the significance of a “DBA” or “assumed name” registration? When do we need a “resolution”? These issues are all addressed. While the program’s focal points are documenting existence and authority, it also addresses:

  • Obtaining taxpayer identification numbers and certifications,
  • NOW account eligibility,
  • Disclosures required at account opening,
  • Documenting and fulfilling your bank’s CIP requirements,
  • Verifying the identity of signatories, and
  • The effect your bank’s risk analysis may have on documentation. 


Personnel who routinely open deposit accounts or supervise, audit or review the process. Content is at the basic or intermediate level. It does not reflect the laws of a particular state.


Ken Golliher is a principal with Pegasus Educational Services, LLC. He is an experienced banker with a unique ability to reduce complex legal concepts to plain English. Prior to becoming a full-time trainer, Ken was a community banker and General Counsel for a regional consulting firm for financial institutions. He has served on Compliance Schools sponsored by the OTS and the FDIC, and he has presented banking schools and seminars in over 25 states.

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2.0 total credits


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