Online Banking Compliance : Part 1 – Loan Applications

Attend this two-part webinar to learn the disclosure and documentation requirements of accepting loan applications and opening deposit accounts online.

If your bank accepts loan applications online, this webinar will be an excellent review of disclosure requirements. We’ll cover the rules from application through closing for initial disclosures, right of rescission, appraisal notices and collection of government monitoring information. Basic disclosure requirements of Regulations B, Z, HMDA, RESPA and Flood are included along with common violations, best practices for e-sign requirements and exam procedures.

If your bank is considering online loan applications, this webinar will be a helpful overview of basic requirements plus compliance and FRAUD risks including legal enforceability, security issues and more. A list of court cases will be included to help you understand legal risks. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of “push” delivery where the bank sends documents to the customer or “pull” delivery where the customer is pulled into the bank’s website. 

How do you comply with the S.A.F.E Act provision for including a Unique Identifier number on loan documents?  How do you comply with BSA’s CIP and CDD provisions?  How will online banking affect Identity Theft Program compliance? How will you ensure that loan information doesn’t contain “triggering” terms requiring additional disclosures? 


  • Evaluating the risk of opening online accounts
  • Mitigating the risks with appropriate procedures and oversight
  • Identification requirements and verification procedures
  • E-sign hurdles including proving the customer’s intent, consent and authentication
  • Industry standards for encryption, firewalls and multi-factor authentication
  • Forms, worksheets and policy decisions
  • Timing of federal disclosures and content
  • Record retention
  • SAFE Act requirements
  • Exam procedures and industry “Best Practices”
  • Vendor management concerns and due diligence
  • “NEW” -  What are the five “lessons learned” about UDAAP compliance from enforcement actions taken by the CFPB?


CSRs, loan operations staff (Part 1), deposit operations staff (Part 2) compliance officers, marketing staff, and training personnel.


Susan Costonis, gettechnical inc.

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