Notary Skills for Bankers: Part 1 – Notary Basics

Most bank notaries receive no formal training in the vital aspects of their roles as commissioned officers of the state.

What the modern notary public does in the war against fraud is critical and requires a high level of skill for the notary to be effective. This webinar provides that training. This session will equip you in the things you should do, the things you should not do, and how you can know the difference. 


  • The 3 most common types of notarial acts and how to do them
  • How to properly identify a client
  • The proper handling of the seal and record book
  • Notary liability
  • The word on notarizing for “customers only”
  • Performing quality notarizations (what you should do, and how)
  • Prohibited acts (what you should not do, and why)
  • Declinations – when to refuse a notarization
  • What to do when a client is not present
  • Acts that constitute the unauthorized practice of law
  • Where to find additional helpful resources.


New accounts and lobby personnel, administrative assistants, executive assistants, managers, supervisors, officers, and anyone who is a notary, will become a notary, or is a manager of notaries.


Russell T. Cruzan has been a Texas Notary Public for 28 years and has taught notary workshops for 18 years. Russell was formerly a training officer/manager for a $12 billion bank where he specialized in front-line legal and liability issues and acted as a consultant to the bank’s notaries across two states. He is currently an independent teacher, trainer, and consultant to notaries that work in the financial services industries across all 50 states.  Russell was recently recognized by the National Notary Association as a 2012 Notary of the Year Honoree.

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