Loan Documentation: Top 10 Mistakes & Top 25 Questions
Loan documentation errors can cause your bank to face unnecessary losses and waste your bank’s most precious asset – time. Get your remedies and answers here.

What are the top loan documentation mistakes and questions?

Loan documentation errors can cause your bank to face unnecessary losses and waste your bank’s most precious asset – time. Get your remedies and answers here.

This webinar draws upon the instructor’s 20 plus years of teaching loan documentation and practicing law. Experienced bankers will benefit from confirmation of knowing “the right thing to do.” New lenders will learn to avoid the most frequent exceptions and loss-causing mistakes. All types of collateral are covered, except real estate. Participants will receive a complete handout that can be used immediately to improve your loan documentation practice.


The Top Mistakes

  • Blanket or Floating Liens
  • Lien priority
  • Proper collateral classification
  • Collateral descriptions for security agreements and UCCs
  • Borrower names
  • Where to file UCCs
  • Amendments and terminations to UCCs
  • Guarantees
  • Purchase Money Security Interests
  • Entities and documentation needed-corporations, LLCs, etc.

The Top Questions

  • Why must we become perfected?
  • Why is a second lien considered a lame lien position?
  • How can I make certain I have a first lien?
  • Why is a blanket (aka floating) lien always preferred?
  • How can I make a loan to a customer who has already granted a first lien (blanket lien) to another lender?
  • What is the critical first question to be answered when getting ready to prepare effective loan docs?
  • Is inventory good collateral?
  • How do I make certain the description of collateral is sufficient?
  • How important is having the correct legal name on all of the docs?
  • Where does the bank file UCCs?
  • What is an amendment?
  • How do we use a UCC-3 for amendments, assignments and terminations?
  • Can I file a UCC-3 to subordinate a lien to another lender?
  • What is the purpose and key doc issues of a guaranty?
  • Is a Purchase Money Security Interest a good thing?
  • What docs are needed to support a loan to entities (not people) such as corporations, LLCs, etc?, and more

Have a question you would like Robin to address during the broadcast? Email websem1@texasbankers.com.


Anyone involved in loan documentation including loan officers, loan assistants and secretaries, loan operations personnel, credit analysts and loan administration personnel.


Robin Russell is a partner with the law firm of Andrews Kurth L.L.P., practicing in the areas of banking, bankruptcy and corporate finance, representing banks, insurance companies, corporate and individual borrowers in secured commercial and consumer lending transactions. Robin is the author of TBA’s bestselling “Texas Secured Lending Guide” and the “Texas Real Estate Lending Guide”.

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