Lending to Municipalities

Extending credit to municipal entities requires legal, tax, accounting and credit analysis that can be quite different from conventional commercial lending decisions.  This webinar is designed for bankers desiring to serve the needs of their local communities both safely and profitably.

This webinar has been developed for banks and bankers who are aware of opportunities to serve their community through credit services to municipalities and other local government or quasi-governmental organizations (i.e. volunteer fire departments, emergency health care providers, political subdivisions, etc.).  Extending credit to municipal entities requires legal, tax, accounting and credit knowledge and analysis that can be quite different from conventional commercial lending decisions.

There are many issues involved.  Governmental entities provide financial information often using unfamiliar fund accounting.  Budgeting constraints have a direct impact on how credit requests are structured.  Lease financing is frequently needed.  Commercial customers may need financing for contracts with local government entities.  There has been municipal bankruptcy.  Interest paid by municipalities and related types of entities is often tax free to the bank.

This program has been developed for loan officers, credit analysts, loan review and credit administration personnel needing an overview of safe and sound lending to this unique market segment/opportunity.


  • Governmental use of bond financing
  • Impact of frequent long-term financing needs on bank credit evaluation and profitability.
  • Basics of Fund  Accounting
  • Effect of different forms of municipal government: mayor/council, council/manager, or commission
  • Importance of relationship in municipal lending (all politics are local)
  • Collateral and lien documentation
  • Lending/credit opportunities (needs)
  • Profitability and federal income tax-free interest income
  • Benefits beyond profitability


Loan officers, credit analysts, note and credit department personnel, internal auditors, loan review and compliance personnel, or any banker involved in the lending function.


Bob Ullom – seminar leader Bob Ullom, nationally recognized banking educator, will apply his more than 35 years of lending and bank management experience to this new and unique program.  His fun and direct style will be complimented by a complete student handout and ample time for Q & A.   Bob teaches over 10,000 bankers annually on a nationwide basis.  Bob is a CPA, and has served as President of two fast-growing, sound and profitable start-up banks.

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