Fraud Prevention Part I – Fraud Prevention for Frontline Personnel
Two hour tele-web seminar July 9, 2012

This presentation reinforces industry-standard policies and procedures that should be the foundation of your Security Program.


This tele-web seminar will begin on Monday, July 9, 2012 at 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time.


Approximately 80% of all opportunities for fraud loss come through the frontline. Frontline personnel are in the BEST position to stop a loss – one that may occur today or thirty years from now. Yet they are often put into a customer contact environment with minimal training.


  • Employee responsibilities regarding security and fraud prevention
  • Reasonable and prudent care, probable cause standards
  • Personal information security and document control issues
  • The most common fraud crimes affecting the frontline
  • Scouts, spies, saboteurs and other criminals
  • Appropriate identification documents and procedures
  • Evidence collection and preservation issues
  • Account opening and monitoring procedures.


All Frontline Personnel, Security Officers, Security Assistants, HR Officers, Training Directors.


Dana Turner, Security Education Systems, has served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities, including the investigation of business and financial crimes. He is celebrating his 40th year in crime. He has delivered over 3,000 presentations and has acquired a reputation as a knowledgeable and entertaining instructor. Dana has designed and participated in programs offered by banking associations, examining and law enforcement agencies, and security, audit and HR organizations.

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2.0 total credits


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