Entering the World of Consumer Lending – 3 Part Series
This is a three-part series. The prices below include all sessions. Each session can also be attended individually by clicking on the links below.

The American way in the past has been buy today pay tomorrow. However, since 2008 that philosophy has begun to change. Consumers started to see the mentality of borrow, borrow, borrow, was dangerous because it easily could lead a person into financial disaster.

Despite the change there is still a need for any financial institution to offer consumer loans and to be able to effectively discuss the consumer loan products they offer.

This three part webinar takes participants from the philosophy of consumer lending, all the way through how to make a solid loan decision that benefits both the customer and the bank.

Covered Topics

Webinar 1 (To Purchase Part 1 only, CLICK HERE)

  • The Philosophy Of Consumer Lending
  • Why A Bank Offers Consumer Loans 
  • The Role Of Regulations On Consumer Lending
  • The Effect Of Compliance On The Consumer Lending Market
  • The Terminology Of Consumer Lending
  • The Lending Mathematics In Making A Solid Loan Decision
  • Ethics And The Role It Plays In Lending
  • Understanding The Different Types Of Consumer Loan Products
  • Risk Based Lending And How Loan Products Are Priced
  • Customers Preference Usually Differs From That Of The Bank.

Webinar 2 (To Purchase Part 2 only, CLICK HERE)

  • Techniques To Build Customer Relationships Using A Consumer Loan Application
  • The Role One’s Values Play In Lending
  • How To Effectively Communicate With Customers During The Loan Interview
  • The Application Process And The Various Application Types
  • The Various Documents Associated With The Credit Investigation
  • Learning The Two Most Important Financial Reports

Webinar 3 (To Purchase Part 3 only, CLICK HERE)

  • Information On Credit Reports And How To Read Them
  • The Decision Process And Why The Letter “C” Is Most Important
  • The Red Flags Associated With Lending
  • Understanding Credit Scores
  • The 4 Types Of Collateral And How They Relate To Loan Amount
  • Challenges During The Loan Interview
  • Make Decisions On Sample Credit Applications


The program is geared for employees who will be starting to deal with consumer loans, entry-level consumer lenders, consumer credit personnel with one year or less of experience, and any employee who needs to understand consumer credit.


John Baptista, Jr. combines over three decades of experience in the financial industry and business world, with specialties in management, and customer service. He links his experience with that of being a seasoned veteran as a consultant and presenter of a variety of programs. With a lifetime of customer relations and “real world” experiences, he brings a unique learning dimension to each of his programs. He is an alumnus of the University Of Southern California and the University of San Diego.

Credit Information

Institute of Certified Bankers: Visit http://www.icbmembers.org/login.aspx for instructions regarding self-reporting. Estimated credits: 7.5 CE Credits


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Live Plus Six (months) – $995
Additional Locations – $205               


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