Emerging Trends in Payments Processing
Two hour tele-web seminar November 9, 2012

Many new payment types are under development. This program provides a sweeping look at the changes going on in how payments are made and the risks and rewards of banks staying in the payments business.

This tele-web seminar will begin on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time.

Many new payment types are under development, and some include new delivery systems such as chip-based cards and contact-less payment types. Increasingly, it appears that the ACH system will be the rails upon which a majority of payments will travel. The driving force behind many of these advances is not technology, but rather the desire of the big retailers to reduce payment costs and for new players to expand their customer base.

The proliferation of payment types has been accompanied by a barrage of regulations, guidance, and “suggestions” from regulators on managing the risks associated with electronic banking services. This session will look at key areas of opportunity and risk, and discuss risk assessments, risk management, and the practical/operational aspects of supporting electronic payments.


  • Check processing remains relevant and must be managed
  • ACH processing is increasingly important and increasingly complex
  • Bill pay is in a state of flux, and may be shifting from biller sponsored back to financial institution aggregate models . . . are you prepared?
  • Debit cards are increasingly useful for consumer and business payments, both retail and on-line
  • Mobile payments are in their infancy. How to sort out fact from fiction, what to watch for, etc.
  • A comprehensive payments strategy is required to avoid gaps in coverage that may increase risk and exposure to loss.


Senior management, CFOs, controllers, IT auditors, risk managers, IT and operations staff.


Trent Fleming – A thirty year industry veteran, Trent Fleming serves as a trusted adviser to financial institutions on matters of technology and strategy. He has worked with banks on matters as diverse as strategic planning, business continuity, employee education and training, and operational efficiency. Fleming’s presentations on technology, management, and strategy consistently get the highest marks from his audiences, one reason he is invited back over and over again to speak.

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