Currency Transaction Reporting: Line by Line

This webinar is a line-by-line look at the Currency Transaction Report (CTR), the instructions, the common errors and all the details of completing a CTR for the various businesses and entities involved.

It is a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and complicated CTR filings such as IOLTAs, Armored Cars and Sole Proprietorships.


  • Who is conducting the transaction?
  • What to do if a person has more than one role?
  • What is the scoop on armored cars? Corporations, Trusts and IOLTAs (Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts)?
  • What goes in line 24 and when?
  • What is an RSSD number and where do we get them?
  • Common errors and misconceptions
  • When do we complete Negotiable Instrument Cashed?
  • Critical fields, locations, addresses and other nitty gritty details


Tellers, Teller Managers, Deposit Services, Training, New Accounts. BSA Officers, BSA Support personnel, Deposit Operations, Compliance Officers.


Christy Crawford is the Vice President of Gettechnical, Inc. located in Baton Rouge, LA for the last 10 years. Formerly a trainer for Wal-Mart Corporation, Christy brings her previous 10 years of sales and training expertise to your financial institution. She has a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communication from Louisiana State University. She is BSA/AML certified and her expertise is in the deposit side of the financial institution. She specializes in teller, new accounts, IRA, robbery and security, and BSA training. She brings humor, youth, and vitality to the programs she teaches

Credit Information

Institute of Certified Bankers: Visit http://www.icbmembers.org/login.aspx for instructions regarding self-reporting. Estimated credits: 2.5 CE Credits.


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