CRA – A Review & Update of Community Development Activities

It has been years since the regulatory agencies have overhauled CRA regulations, but they are constantly tinkering with the rules. In November 2013 they published amendments that clarify a number of issues. This program explains the changes and how they impact your CRA rating.

It has been years since the federal bank regulatory agencies have overhauled the Community Reinvestment Act regulations, but they are constantly tinkering with the rules. The changes impact how your rating is determined and what activities receive community development credit.

On November 13, 2013, the federal bank regulatory agencies published amendments that  clarify a number of issues related to community development activities. This program reviews and explains the changes and how those changes impact your CRA rating.

Why Participate?

Bankers should view CRA ratings as a game. You need to learn how to play the game well. The challenge is made more difficult as the agencies continuously change the rules. This program contains core knowledge needed by all lenders to implement the new CRA rules.  Also:

  • The detailed manual is a great desktop reference; and
  • The presenters have a combined seven decades of experience with this topic.


This program includes information regarding recent revisions that clarify:

  • How the agencies consider community development activities outside an institution’s assessment area(s), both in the broader statewide or regional area that includes the institution’s assessment area(s) and in nationwide funds.
  • How to determine whether recipients of community services are low- or moderate-income;
  • How technical assistance activities related to the provision of financial services that might be provided to community development organizations;
  • The treatment of community development lending performance in determining a large institution’s lending test rating, and
  • The quantitative consideration given to a certain type of community development investment.

The program also includes a discussion of the importance of identifying partnering opportunities with nonprofit organizations and/or community development financial institutions (CDFIs) operating in your bank’s assessment area or region to help make complying with the CRA a little easier. Such opportunities include:

  • Loan pool investments;
  • Bank Enterprise Awards;
  • Lines of credit to support housing development for LMI persons/families;
  • Lease-purchase financing;
  • Tax credit investments;
  • Board and committee participation;
  • Sponsorship of in-class and/or on-line education;
  • Loan purchases; and
  • “Second look” referral programs for retail mortgage and/or small business loans.


Management of the loan department, compliance officers, CRA officers, marketing staff and auditors.


Jack Holzknecht, Principal, Pegasus Educational Services, LLC

Garry Throckmorton, President, CVC Consulting Service

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