California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) Collateral Support
Free Webinar from the California Office of the Treasurer

CalCAP Collateral Support (CalCAP CS) encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to small businesses that may have difficulty obtaining financing. 

CalCAP CS pledges cash to cover the collateral shortfall of a loan in order to enable financing that otherwise might not be available to a small business. CalCAP CS provides up to 40% of the loan value, in the form of a cash deposit, with the possibility of an additional 10% for businesses located in a Severely Affected Community. The minimum loan amount is $100,000, the maximum loan amount is $20 million and the maximum support amount is $5 million per borrower.


  • Benefits of participating in CalCAP Collateral Support
  • Loan requirements for enrollment in CalCAP Collateral Support
  • Enrollment and claim process
  • Additional funds available for loans made to businesses in a Severely Affected Community
  • Fee structure
  • Reporting requirements


Any lending institution engaging in making small business loans who is looking for ways to mitigate risk. Individuals who may benefit from this webinar are, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Credit Officers and Underwriters.


Nancee Trombley, CalCAP Manager, will give an introduction to the program

Emily Jarrett, CalCAP Analyst, will walk through the program’s benefits, enrollment process, and claims process.

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