Appraisal & Evaluation Regulations

An important part of the residential and CRE lending processes is the review and interpretation of the property appraisal.  This program covers the major guidelines and regulatory issues.

An important part of the residential and commercial real estate (CRE) lending processes is the review and interpretation of the property appraisal.  This program covers the major guidelines and regulatory issues for ordering, reviewing and using CRE appraisals, plus tips for integrating them into your existing policies.  While the focus is on commercial, residential issues from beyond the interagency guidelines will be covered.


  • Key issues from the newest (December 2, 2010) Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
    • The five minimum standards and what they really mean, as derived from the original 14 FIRREA points governing acceptable CRE appraisals
    • What is FIRREA? (and other current regulatory guidelines, including the new/ revised appraisal guidelines issued in 2010)
    • Yes, you can use appraisals prepared for other banks
    • How CRE appraisals are different from residential, from a regulatory perspective
  • Types of reviews of CRE appraisals, as suggested by the guidelines
    • Administrative/compliance + sample compliance review checklist
    • Technical/internal + sample review checklist
    • Outside/third party + sample review comments
    • Ideas for setting dollar limits
  • What about evaluations?
    • Not just for loans below the $250,000 and $1,000,000 thresholds
    • Evaluator must be qualified and independent, and the evaluation reviewed
    • Evaluation components
  • Validating an existing CRE appraisal
  • Overview of Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and other residential appraisal issues


CRE lenders, commercial lenders, credit analysts, residential mortgage lenders, private bankers, small business lenders, loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers involved in the real estate lending process. The program is also intended for support personnel involved in the appraisal process.


Richard Hamm has been training bankers for more than 20 years, including both creating and teaching courses for the ABA, the RMA, regional banking schools, numerous state banking and community banking associations and individual banks.  While specializing in all phases of lending and credit, he also covers “top of the bank” issues and provides director training.

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