October 8, 2014


Successfully enacted three CBA-sponsored measures to: 1) amend Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, pertaining to secured transactions involving commercial loan business borrowers; 2) extend important tax relief to residential mortgage borrowers receiving principal reduction resulting from a short sale or loan modification; and 3) correct an ambiguity in the law stemming from legislation in 2013 amending California’s Uniform Principal and Income Act that unintentionally caused a redirection of distributions from mutual fund proceeds to principal rather than income.

Reviewed and monitored the 2,260 active legislative measures introduced during the 2013-2014 legislative session. With 601 identified as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry.  Of the 35 measures we strongly opposed, 33 were amended to our satisfaction or defeated within the legislative process and one measure was vetoed by the governor.

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Fielded more than 15 incoming media inquiries, focused on a wide range of issues including eminent domain, data security, new FICO credit scoring, CBA sponsored legislation signed into law and marijuana and banking.

Conducted media interviews with Bloomberg, the Los Angeles TimesSan Francisco ChronicleSacramento Bee, KFBK and ABC7 among other publications and news outlets.

Distributed an opinion editorial from President and CEO Rod Brown on an unproductive congress, focusing specifically on their lack of action on reforming the qualified mortgage rule, and review of the credit unions’ federal tax exemption. The oped appeared in the Contra Costa Times and Pacific Coast Business Times.

Issued a press release announcing that Governor Brown signed into law CBA-sponsored Assembly Bill 1393, which will extend important tax relief to borrowers who under this legislation will not be required to report the amount of debt forgiven by a lender due to a negotiated short sale or principal reduction resulting from a loan modification.

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Hosted in collaboration with the FDIC, the Community Bankers Workshop for 88 participants.

Delivered the two-day “Supervisor Boot Camp” workshop to 23 participants.

Presented our annual Enterprise Risk Management seminar to 54 participants.

Held the two-day Fundamentals of Credit Analysis program for 25 participants.

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Finalized planning and logistics for final two events of 2014; 36th Annual Regulatory Compliance Conference and the 2014 Chief Credit Officers Symposium. 

Finalized speakers and agenda for 2015 Bank Presidents Seminar, selected locations and started planning for all 2015 events.


Convened Compensation Survey Advisory Committee meeting to review and discuss the 2014 Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Survey results, in conjunction with Pearl Meyer & Partners, LLC. The survey was published and marketed in early September. To date, we have sold 91 bank online survey access’ plus an additional 60 hard copies and 16 peer group reports.

CBA is preparing an amicus brief to be filed with the California Supreme Court in Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corp, to address whether a residential mortgage borrower in default has standing to sue a trustee to invalidate a foreclosure action on the basis of alleged defects in the prior assignment of the note.

Published Regulatory Compliance Bulletins on:

  • The California Supreme Court’s decision in Iskanian v. CLS Transportation Los Angeles, LLC, in which the Court upheld the enforceability of a class arbitration waiver in the employment context. 
  • A new California law, AB 1522, requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to employees who work for at least 30 days from the commencement of employment within a year, to be accrued at a rate of at least one hour for every 30 hours worked.  

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Welcomed new affiliate members Banker’s Toolbox, Inc., Digital Insight Corporation, Haberfeld Associates, Korn Ferry International, Ncontracts, Nossaman LLP, PrecisionLender and The Broadleaf Group.

Held one CEO Roundtable meeting in Fresno with seven bankers attending, and a second in Santa Rosa with six bankers attending.

Twelve bank visits conducted by President and CEO Rod Brown.

Strategic Partners

Conducted planning meetings with 16 strategic partners to ensure that their products and services are aligned with member bank requirements.  

Created 2015 marketing plans to promote strategic partners via direct mail, email, event sponsorship and in person meetings.