July 16, 2014


Reviewed and monitored the 2,208 legislative measures introduced in 2014 and identified 411 as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry. Continued to monitor 190 remaining active measures from 2013 (first half of Legislative Session), with 98 bills identified as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry. Adopted positions on 41 new state legislative measures.

Sponsored three legislative measures to: 1) amend Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), pertaining to secured transactions involving commercial loan business borrowers; 2) extend important tax relief to residential mortgage borrowers receiving principal reduction resulting from a short sale or loan modification; and 3) correct an ambiguity in the law stemming from legislation in 2013 amending California’s Uniform Principal and Income Act that unintentionally caused a redirection of distributions from mutual fund proceeds to principal rather than income. 

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Fielded nearly two dozen incoming media inquiries, focused on a wide range of issues including virtual currencies, data and ATM security, foreclosure registries, M&A activity and banking regulations.

Conducted media interviews with the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Sacramento Bee, Modesto Bee, NPR and KTVU among other publications and news outlets.

Conducted editorial board meetings with the Orange County Register, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee.

Tweeted an average of five times a week to more than 440 followers on CBA’s Twitter social media profile to engage online with policymakers, members, the media and strategic partners.

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Delivered Analyzing Personal & Corporate Financial Statements & Tax Returns to 22 bankers.

Hosted session two of the Directors Certification Program in two locations for 49 participants.

Presented annual “A Day with the Regulators” seminar to 170 participants in two locations.

Hosted the Human Resources Conference for 47 participants.

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Hosted the 123rd Annual Convention and 47th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar in May for 327 total attendees.

Hosted the 2014 Risk and Security Management Conference in June for 64 total attendees.


Distributed the 2014 Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Survey Questionnaire to 187 California banks, with 90 banks participating. The survey results will be published in August.

Filed an amicus letter with the California Supreme Court seeking review or depublication of Brewer Corp. v. Point Center Financial Inc., a case in which a lender was forced to disgorge all of its fees and earned interest on a construction loan in favor of a stop notice claimant after the developer’s loan proceeds were depleted. The court turned down the request, and CBA has formed a task force to consider other avenues to correct the erroneous judicial cases that underpin this result.

Published Regulatory Compliance Bulletins on:

  • Nativi v. Deutsche Bank, in which a tenant successfully brought landlord-tenant claims against a bank that took possession of residential property by foreclosure. The case exposes risks to banks and other successors following foreclosure for actions committed by the former owner/landlord.

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Welcomed new members CenterState Bank and Hanmi Bank.

Held one CEO Roundtable in Ventura.

Welcomed affiliate members FPS Gold and the Baker Group.

Eight bank visits conducted by President and CEO Rod Brown.

Strategic Partners

Announced the hiring of Anna Rodriguez, CBAs’ senior vice president of strategic partners.