July 10, 2013


Reviewed and monitored the 2,491 state legislative measures introduced in 2013, identified 475 as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry and adopted positions on an additional 56 new state legislative measures.

Conducted 34 internal policy committee meetings.

Participated in 129 meetings with legislators and their staff.

Participated in 17 meetings with agency departments and the governor’s administration.

Defeated or successfully amended 20 priority-oppose measures in the areas of: unclaimed property, finance and mortgage lenders, conservatorship and guardianship attorney’s fees, deficiency judgments, student credit cards, Iran sanctions, privacy, private student loans, bankruptcy exemptions, state government procurement, student debit cards, service member deferments, credit reports, real property environmental fee covenants, employees’ and workers’ liens, deeds of trust and fraudulent real property documents.

Hosted a meeting with representatives from the United States Department of the Treasury, the state’s California Capital Access Program (CalCAP), the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (SBLGP) and member banks to discuss small business lending.

Conducted CBA’s 60th Annual Legislative Conference with 132 CBA members, representing 28 banks in attendance. CBA members and staff held a record 110 meetings at the Capitol with 73 Assembly Members and 37 State Senators.

Provided legislative briefings to the California State Bar Financial Institutions Committee, the California Association of Community Managers and the National Association of Bank Advocates. 

Co-sponsored the California Veterans Benefit Fund’s sixth annual Assembly Veterans Recognition Day luncheon, where various legislators honored veterans from their respective districts, with funds benefiting veterans outreach programs.

Co-sponsored the Bob Moretti Memorial Scholarship Foundation event in Sacramento.

CBA members participated in Washington, D.C. event for Rep. Xavier Becerra and three district events for federal legislators.

In April, six CBA members joined President & CEO Rod Brown at the ABA’s Government Relations Summit held in Washington, D.C. During the Summit, CBA members met with six members and staff of the California delegation.

In June, 22 CBA members met with 26 members and staff of the California delegation and various members of the House Committee on Financial Services during the Annual Visit to Washington, D.C. Issues discussed included bank capital standards, opposition to increasing credit union business lending caps, mortgage reform, the municipal advisor rule and opposition to the proposed minimum capital requirement for large and regional banks.

Hosted a banking community event for Assembly Member Mike Gatto.

Conducted two district grassroots meetings with members of the Assembly.

Participated in 17 Sacramento fundraisers for members of the state legislature and state legislative candidates.

Conducted one meeting with a state legislative candidate.

Raised an additional $58,424 for the CBA State PAC (2013 total: $167,561-91% of goal) and an additional $5,112 for the CBA Federal PAC (2013 total: $64,703-76% of goal).


Launched a statewide reputation management campaign following the results of conducted focus groups and a statewide phone survey used to test messages regarding public perceptions of California banks. Based upon the research findings, collateral materials and an online communications toolkit were created, which included fact sheets, a key messages document, FAQ document and public service radio announcements highlighting banks’ roles in supporting our economy and our state’s businesses for use with members’ local media, community leaders, elected officials and customers.

Aired a four-week paid radio advertising campaign in the Sacramento media market, designed to target the Capitol community including policy makers, stakeholders and the community at large to convey the important and positive role the banks play in our communities.

Fielded nearly a dozen incoming media inquiries, focused on a wide range of issues including identity theft, regulatory burden, the qualified mortgage (QM) rule, Homeowner Bill of Rights, ongoing state legislation and more.

Conducted editorial board meetings with the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Orange County Register, San Francisco Chronicle and UT San Diego.

Conducted media interviews with Comstocks, CBS13, Central Valley Business Times, Los Angeles Times, Ojai Valley News and Reuters.

Produced a two-minute marketing video highlighting CBA’s 122nd Annual Convention and 46th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar.

Facilitated the development and the media release of a California banking industry intelligence report authored by Beacon Economics. Reprint focuses on California’s housing market recovery and analyzes state’s foreclosure trends.

Worked closely with the events team to design marketing materials to promote CBA events. Brochures and other collateral material were created for Annual Convention, Lenders Conference, Washington, D.C. Visit, Security Management Conference and Regulatory Compliance Conference.

Assisted with several marketing campaigns to highlight new services or product offerings from CBA Banker Benefits and Strategic Partners Verafin, EverFi, Diebold, LTC Financial Partners and Wolters Kluwer.


Hosted the CFO Conference for 30 participants.

Delivered the Commercial Lending School in Newport Beach to 21 total participants.

Held the annual “A Day with the Regulators” seminar in two locations, with a total of 153 participants in attendance.

Conducted the Internal Audit School for 16 participants.

Delivered session two of the Directors Certification Program in two locations for a total of 49 participants.

Hosted the sixth annual Women in Banking Forum for more than 100 participants.

Held the annual “BSA/AML” seminar in two locations for a total of 147 participants.

Delivered the Commercial Lending School in Sacramento to 25 participants.

Hosted the Human Resources Conference with 35 total participants in attendance.


Hosted the 122nd Annual Convention and 46th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar in May with a total attendance of 348 participants, including 133 bankers and bank counsel.

Hosted the annual Security Management Conference in June with a total attendance of 63 participants, including 35 bank security officers.


Distributed the 2013 Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Survey Questionnaire to 194 California banks. A total of 107 banks have participated in the survey. The survey results will be published in the August, 2013.

Facilitated the recruitment and hire of Stacy Wolfenberger, manager of events and trade show logistics, who is assisting the events department.

Filed an amicus letter to the California Supreme Court supporting review of Jolley v. Chase Home Finance LLC, a decision that imposes heighted duties on a bank on a construction loan that raises the specter of lender liability.

Filed an amicus letter to the California Supreme Court seeking depublication of an opinion that makes banks subject to Business & Professions Code Section 10242.5, a fee limitation statute that explicitly applies only to mortgage brokers. This opinion would force state banks to comply with two parallel but inconsistent laws in some circumstances (the other statute is Civil Code Section 2954.4).

Sent a joint industry letter with a number of other business groups opposing further actions by the City of Richmond to use eminent domain to seize, modify and re-sell residential mortgages as a means to give relief to homeowners with underwater mortgages. A similar action by the City of North Las Vegas has been challenged in federal court.

Issued a Regulatory Compliance Bulletin on AB 2610, a bill that expands tenant rights after foreclosure.

Issued a Regulatory Compliance Bulletin on Jolley v. Chase Home Finance LLC, in which a court imposed heightened obligations on the bank on a construction loan beyond the terms stated in the loan documents.

Issued a Regulatory Compliance Bulletin on the effect of the federal garnishment rule on criminal seizure orders when an account holds certain federal benefit funds.


Held two CEO Roundtable meetings with 26 bankers participating.

Held one DFI Roundtable meeting with 18 bankers participating.

Eight bank visits conducted by President & CEO Rod Brown.

Strategic Partners

Continued launch of partnership with Diebold. The rapidly-evolving environment for financial services seriously handicaps the traditional branch network – Diebold has the expertise and services to help guide California banks through this era of rapid change.

Announced a special summer promotion with EverFi. Throughout the summer, a member bank that adds a new financial education sponsorship at a high school will receive an additional EverFi sponsorship for another school at no charge. The promotion applies to members taking advantage of a sponsorship for the first time and existing sponsor banks who would like to further expand their sponsorship commitment.