Sean Payant
Chief Strategy Officer​​


Sean Payant serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Haberfeld which is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sean leads the consulting, account executive and creative teams. Haberfeld specializes in assisting financial institutions with overall marketing, data analytics, execution and training as it relates to growing retail and business customers. Sean’s team also oversee Haberfeld’s online coaching platform, Cultivate™ designed to grow banking leaders and their teams, Plus One™ referral platform, eLearning Programs, Special Programs and Organizational Development practice.

Sean has more than 20 years of experience leading team development and strategic planning sessions for financial institutions, for profit corporations and not for profit organizations. He has spoken at more than 160 industry banking schools and conferences.

Sean holds a Bachelors degree from Midland Lutheran College, and Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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