Mongkha Pavlick
Senior Vice President, Supervision + Credit


Mongkha Pavlick serves as Senior Vice President in the Supervision + Credit Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She oversees teams with responsibilities for community and regional institution supervision, consumer compliance supervision, formations + transactions, and enforcement. Mongkha is a member of the SF Fed’s Management Committee and is based in the Los Angeles branch.

Mongkha joined the SF Fed in 2001 as an intern, where she, shortly thereafter, began her career as an associate examiner. She earned her safety and soundness commission and deepened her experiences by serving as an examining manager during the financial crisis, where she oversaw a portfolio of troubled community banks and bank holding companies. From 2014–2018, she served as Director of the SF Fed’s supervisory program for community banking organizations. Most recently, she was Group Vice President and provided strategic oversight to the Fintech, Country Analysis, and Outreach team, Credit Risk Management (“Discount Window”) team, and Supervision + Credit’s business and operational support functions.

Mongkha graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California, with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and a minor in East Asian languages and cultures.

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