C. G. Kum
Retired Bank CEO
Formerly President/CEO of Hanmi Bank


C. G. Kum’s career encompassed 36 years in mainstream banking and 6 years in Asian American banking with the last 20 years in the CEO/President role. Mr. Kum developed and successfully executed strategies that  combined M&A and organic growth. He bought and sold banks as well as successfully executed a MOE and acquired 3 failed banks from the FDIC RTC during the deep recession.

Underlying C. G. Kum’s success has been his ability to recruit, retain and to train top tier management teams who were not only highly skilled but diversified by gender, by national origin and by race.

Mr. Kum is experienced in raising various forms of capital.

C. G. Kum has enjoyed strong and credible relationships with the regulators, the analyst community and the investors.

Crisis Management: Working Through 2023 Banking Crisis