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Mark Sickles to Present Annual Convention Session on “Supervention”

When board directors are masters at leading with the question mark instead of the exclamation mark, and CEOs are masters at working on the business to enhance performance of people working in the business, something very powerful is created – it’s called supervention. 

Supervention is a special type of organizational energy enabling ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. 

Mark Sickles will discuss this during his session at the 122nd Annual Convention of Bank Officers and Directors and 46th Annual Bank Counsel Seminar, held May 2 – 4 in Huntington Beach. This session is for directors, CEOs and c-level executives interested in assessing and advancing their current skill level in these high-impact activities.

For more information on the featured panelists and to see a lineup of speakers and sessions at this year’s annual convention, please visit www.calbankers.com/annualconvention13 or contact Cynthia DeOliver at (916) 438-4401 or cdeoliver@calbankers.com. You can also click here to register.

Keynote Speaker

Mark Sickles
Founder and CEO, Yfansi, Inc.

Mark Sickles is the founder and CEO and Yfansi, Inc., a professional products and services firm dedicated to creating sustainable stakeholder value. Sickles serves as organizational architect and adviser to boards and executives to ensure their organizations are well governed, well led and well managed.