What We’ve Learned About Keeping Banks Safe


Risk management programs are now a Main Street competency in the business manager’s toolbox, yet many of the tools are misunderstood and under utilized, and the overall risk management program not properly funded. Starting with foundational building blocks and layering enhanced risk monitoring and corporate risk governance on top, our vision for a robust risk program can assist in development of a clear roadmap for success. If these programs had ben in place and effectively working at the three regional failed banks, it is reasonable to think that the threats that could lead to failure would have been discussed.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will acquire a common understanding of foundational risk management elements
  • How to build a framework to keep the Bank safe
  • Receive a roadmap for next generation tools and techniques

Mike Cohn
Wolf & Company, P.C.

Drew Coveney
Senior Manager
Wolf & Company, P.C.