Succession Planning


Embark on a deep dive into Succession Planning with our expert panel featuring Aaron Axton (KBW), Russ Colombo (Bank of Marin and Bank of Marin Bancorp), and Mike Lasher (Community Commerce Bank). Learn from Aaron’s strategic insights at KBW, Russ’s firsthand experiences navigating leadership transitions, and Mike’s perspectives on talent cultivation. This session covers crucial topics such as identifying and nurturing leaders, aligning development with goals, and managing transitions effectively. Whether you’re an executive, board member, or professional interested in succession planning intricacies, gain valuable strategies to build a resilient leadership pipeline. Engage with industry leaders and enhance your understanding of organizational success in banking.

Aaron Axton, Managing Director, KBW
Russ Colombo, Former President & CEO, Bank of Marin and Bank of Marin Bancorp; Director – Bank of Marin and Bank of Marin Bancorp
Mike Lasher, President, Community Commerce Bank