Risk Management Primer for the Board of Directors


The precipitous rise in interest rates and other economic challenges have wreaked havoc on risk managers. Bank directors must understand the dynamics of their balance sheet risk positions, especially the implications for interest rate and liquidity risk.

During this session, Darling Consulting Group Managing Director Mark Haberland will review “best practices” for effective risk management methods and the Board’s role in setting the appropriate culture. In addition, he will discuss the key issues facing the industry relative to liquidity management, credit, and managing interest rate risk. The best decisions depend upon reliable information – and it starts with the Board to ensure the right pieces are in place.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to inspire confidence at ALCO and avoid regulatory scrutiny
  • Emerging practices for ALM and liquidity and what the Board needs to know
  • The importance of effective assumption management given today’s challenging economic environment
  • Risk management as part of your organization’s “culture”

Mark Haberland
Managing Director
Darling Consulting Group