Maui Relief Efforts


In the wake of recent challenges faced by Maui, join us for an important session focusing on the critical role that banks play in supporting relief efforts and fostering community resilience. We are honored to host Bryan Luke, President & CEO of Hawaii National Bank, and Dan Bailey, EVP & Chief Banking Officer of Tri Counties Bank, as they share their experiences and insights into navigating community relief efforts in the aftermath of challenging events.

Bryan Luke, with his leadership at Hawaii National Bank, will provide a firsthand account of the unique challenges and opportunities in orchestrating relief efforts in a community banking context. His insights into coordinating financial assistance, supporting local businesses, and aiding individuals in times of need will offer valuable lessons for bankers and community leaders alike.

Dan Bailey, as EVP & Chief Banking Officer of Tri Counties Bank, will share his perspectives on the importance of collaboration between financial institutions, local authorities, and community organizations to maximize the impact of relief initiatives. Learn how banks can leverage their resources and expertise to contribute meaningfully to the recovery and rebuilding process.

This session will explore the multifaceted approach that banks can take in supporting relief efforts, from deploying financial resources to implementing community outreach programs. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the pivotal role that banking leaders play in fostering community resilience, especially in regions affected by unforeseen events.

Join us for an insightful and inspiring discussion as Bryan Luke and Dan Bailey share their experiences, strategies, and the impact of relief efforts. This session will provide a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders actively engaged in making a positive impact during challenging times.

Bryan Luke
President & CEO
Hawaii National Bank

Dan Bailey
EVP & Chief Banking Officer

Tri Counties Bank