Learning the Magic Words: Demystifying Cybersecurity Jargon


Cybersecurity is pivotal but understanding what’s happening at your enterprise can become difficult when it’s wrapped up in technical jargon. Wolf & Company’s experts have prepared examples of key jargon you’re likely to hear from vendors, alongside explanations of what they mean and why they’re important. Whether that’s zero trust, BYOD, penetration testing, adversary simulations, or a red team exercise, it’s important for executives to have a full grasp of their cybersecurity landscape. Additionally, Wolf’s experts delineate what’s trending in the industry right now, how to take stock of your own cybersecurity resilience, and the top five questions you should be asking your IT/Security teams today.

• Understanding contemporary cybersecurity jargon
• What threats or trends currently dominate the cybersecurity landscape?
• How to measure your own cybersecurity resilience
• What you should be asking your IT/security team today

Sean Goodwin
Senior Manager
Wolf & Company, P.C.