Global Economic Review & Impacts to Your Community Bank


Hear from Don Lloyd, head of Capital Markets at Associated Bank, about why the global economy is important to your community bank and what the current and relevant international events are in the market.

Session Outline:

  • Brief analysis of past year global market events
  • Economic update on international economy (GDP of major countries, oil and gas prices/outlook, major countries interest rates, etc)
  • Analysis of any current large international events impacting markets (ie: if conversation happened in March 2023, he would analyze Credit Suisse looming bank failure, impact on global economy if it happens or impact if Swiss Central Bank provides assistance/liquidity)
  • What these global markets mean for US based community banks
  • Impact for your local business customers and consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Considerations for management teams for global economy impact on vendor management and ALM strategies
  2. Direct impacts to community bank’s customers, both commercial and consumer.
  3. General understanding of current economic factors in international markets.

Donald Lloyd
SVP, Manager – Capital Markets
Associated Bank