CRA Modernization and Today’s Regulatory Environment
The new CRA vs the old CRA and the dramatic impacts it’ll have on ALL institutions, regardless of size.


The landscape of regulatory compliance is changing dramatically, especially with regards to the Community Reinvestment Act and the proposed rule changes. During this session nationally recognized CRA expert Len Suzio will explain:

  1. Why there will be a 1000% increase in the CRA Exam failure rate for institutions.  
  2. How Dodd-Frank 1071 will have a BIG impact on CRA Modernization for institutions of ALL sizes
  3. Why small banks are being set up and aren’t off the hook when it comes to the new CRA
  4. What’s happening in the field and how CRA is already changing, even before the new rules are implemented
  5. Will the new rule face legal challenges?
  6. How to prepare your institution and systems for the new CRA

Len Suzio