Body Language of Leaders: Follow the Leader


Your leadership is only as strong as your followers’ willingness to embrace it.

And that in turn depends on assuring them you’re the best person for the job, with the right qualities to take them to the right places.

Leading takes ambition and vision. But it also requires learning to use your nonverbal communication to reinforce your image and message. To be the most effective leader possible, you need to look, sound, and act the part.

Susan Constantine, MPsy, is a leading authority on body language and human behavior in professional settings. She offers this program to help leaders fill out their role with a dynamic presence that commands respect and drives results.

You’ll learn to:

  • Apply a leader’s body language
  • Use a leader’s words and voice
  • Wear a leader’s face
  • Gesture and carry yourself like a leader
  • Match nonverbal and verbal communication
  • Convey competence, confidence, and authority

Susan Constantine, MPsy
Body Language Expert, Media Personality, Communication Expert,
Leadership Coach & Trainer
The Human Behavior Lab