Achieve More Value from your Planning Process by Linking Vision, Strategy and Execution


Every financial institution performs some level of strategic planning and budgeting to develop a roadmap for the future of the organization. However, for many organizations these processes have turned purely into a financial forecasting exercise, projecting growth, earnings, and performance indicators based on a set of best guess assumptions. This approach to planning limits the value to the organization. By combining strategic and tactical planning approaches, financial institutions can better align the organization’s operational, financial, and strategic plans with the overall vision of the organization.

In this session, we will discuss how to achieve more value out of your planning processes by:

  1. Starting with the vision of what your institution wants to achieve
  2. Then defining the approach that your institution will take to achieve that vision by creating a strategy and related strategic plan
  3. And finally working through the process of using that plan to inform your detailed roadmap, or budget, which defines the tactical plan for how the organization will get there

Bryan Ridgway
Director, Performance Management Solutions
Empyrean Solutions

Kenneth Levey
Managing Director
Empyrean Solutions