Students at Palm Springs High School Celebrate Graduation of Financial Literacy Program

Press release Beth Mills Evan Willingham

PALM SPRINGS, CA – The California Bankers Association today congratulated a class of 55 Palm Springs High School students who completed the California Bankers Association Financial Scholars Program, an innovative web-based platform, created by EverFiTM, that uses the latest in digital learning and gaming to educate students on critical financial topics.The program uses the latest in new media technologies – video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars and social networking – to bring complex financial concepts to life for today’s digital generation.These students are now certified in more than 600 topics in financial education, allowing them to become more informed, responsible citizens. CBA’s sponsorship of the EverFi program brings this interactive financial management curriculum to these high school students at no cost to the schools.

“My students enjoyed completing the EverFi program, as they saw a true connection to the work we did in class and the topics that were covered in this program,” said Dr. B. James Young, Palm Springs High School business department chairman. “Several students commented on how the lessons clarified prior learning, and feel that they now completely understand certain concepts that they were unsure about previously. It is a great way to summarize the important concepts that were taught throughout the school year.”

The 10-unit course offers six hours of programming aimed at teaching, assessing and certifying students in a variety of financial topics including credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401k and other critical concepts that map to national financial literacy standards. The platform uniquely tracks the progress and score of every student and provides students who successfully complete the course with certification in financial literacy, a valuable mark of distinction on college applications and resumes.

“Financial literacy is vital to the success of the next generation, and is one of the most important tools that a student can learn. CBA feels strongly about this issue so we have sponsored the EverFi program at seven schools throughout the state,” said Rodney Brown, CBA president and CEO. “Understanding how to manage money, make smart financial decisions and put money into savings will set these students up to thrive in the future, and we are proud to be part of this financial education program with Palm Springs High School and EverFi.”

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