CBA Announces Strategic Partnership with EverFi

Press release Beth Mills

SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Bankers Association (CBA), one of the largest state banking trade associations, and EverFi, the nation’s leading financial literacy software company, have announced the launch of a new strategic partnership.

EverFi provides an opportunity for California banks to enhance their existing financial education initiatives and deliver the latest technology to local high schools through a private-labeled program that teaches, assesses and certifies high school students in more than 600 topics in personal finance. The program is currently used by more than 3,000 high schools in all 50 states and meets all national and state requirements for financial literacy.

“Educating our future banking customers is a top priority for the banking industry,” said Rodney Brown, president and CEO of the CBA. “Providing students with banking knowledge before they utilize these products and services will allow them to make informed, smart choices and pave the way for their future financial security. We are very pleased to offer this opportunity to our members.”

“EverFi is thrilled to partner with the CBA to promote financial literacy in California through our cutting-edge learning platforms,” said Mike Fee, executive vice president of EverFi. “This program provides a valuable channel connecting banks to their local communities and engages students using tools that teens love – digital learning and gaming.”

EverFi’s web-based financial literacy platform uses the latest in new media technologies including adaptive-pathing, 3-D gaming, social networking, online animations, and video and messaging tools to present complex learning modules to students. After successfully completing each module, students are certified in more than 600 core financial topics, including: banking, taxes, mortgages, financing higher education, stocks, 401(k) plans, budgeting and saving, credit scores, insurance and credit cards.

About the California Bankers Association
Established 120 years ago, the California Bankers Association (CBA) is one of the largest state banking trade associations in the country. CBA leads the way in developing relevant educational and legislative solutions to some of California’s more pressing financial and banking issues, including adult financial empowerment, identity theft, financial privacy, and financial elder abuse. CBA’s membership includes nearly 200 of California’s commercial, industrial and community banks and savings associations. For more information, visit

About EverFi, Inc.
EverFi, Inc. is the leading education technology company to teach, assess, and certify students in critical skills. EverFi’s education learning platforms include Financial Literacy, Student Loan Management, Digital Literacy, Cyberbullying, Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness, and additional product areas to be announced in early 2012. The company is powering a national movement in 50 states that enables adults and students to learn using the latest technology, including adaptive pathing, rich media, high-definition video, simulations, and avatars. The learning platforms not only track knowledge gains but also measure student attitudes on these important topics. EverFi has nine published studies documenting the efficacy of several of our education technology platforms.