Press release

California Bankers Association, Western Independent Bankers Announce Proposed Merger

The California Bankers Association (CBA) and the Western Independent Bankers (WIB) have announced a proposed merger.

The CBA and WIB boards of directors have voted to approve moving forward with a merger agreement and now a member vote will determine whether the merger is approved. In the coming weeks, our bank members will receive a ballot along with additional information regarding the specific components of the merger, and will vote on whether to approve it or not. If approved by member banks, WIB will merge into the CBA.

The CBA name will change to the Western Bankers Association (WBA) under the leadership of Simone Lagomarsino, the current president and CEO of the CBA. Both the CBA and WIB names and professional focuses will be retained as divisions of the WBA — CBA for the important state, federal and regulatory advocacy activities, and WIB for conferences and education. In a press release issued this morning, Lagomarsino said, “We intend to preserve the legacies of both associations as we merge, and we will work together to create an even stronger organization that leverages the unique strengths of the CBA and the WIB.” Combined, the WBA will serve nearly 250 members, and have 200 years of experience serving banks in the West.

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