ABA Frontline Compliance Training Now Available!

Press release

As part of our partnership with the ABA, we are excited to announce a completely free online compliance training resource, Frontline Compliance, now available to our California based WBA member banks. This special offering also allows your bank access to the ABA’s Learning Management System (LMS) that has everything you need to train your entire workforce, track their progress and produce reports for both internal and bank examiner use.

Please click to here to review the dozens of courses available that cover the most timely banking compliance topics.

If you would like to schedule a personalized demonstration of the courseware and the Learning Management System, please contact the ABA’s Eric Hensley by email or phone at 202-663-5489 or ehensley@aba.com.

How It Works

The ABA Frontline Compliance program is managed by an administrator at the bank who will be responsible for creating employee accounts, assigning courses and running reports. Below are the steps to getting started and what to expect:

Step 1 – Enroll Your Bank

Enrolling your bank to participate in the ABA Frontline Compliance program is easily completed online. ABA will create your bank-specific training site and communicate back to the administrator within one week.

Click here to enroll today!

Step 2 – Administrator Training

The bank’s administrator will receive training on ABA Learning Management System (ABA LMS) functionality – specifically how to create employee accounts, assign courses and run reports.

Step 3 – Implementation

Once the administrator receives training and is comfortable with the ABA LMS, users may be added and courses assigned.

Step 4 – Ongoing Support

ABA is committed to helping the administrator(s) at every step of the way to ensure successful implementation and continued use of the Frontline Compliance program. Their dedicated support team is available to assist and answer questions via phone, email, chat and web/phone conferencing.