Sales Coaching


Sales Coaching to Support the Sales Process provides an approach to develop a long-term sustainable sales strategy for each individual on a sales team based on organizational and individual sales objectives. This course shows how to increase the potential of each salesperson by capitalizing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses. This course explores sales coaching techniques to enhance sales skills by focusing on the advantages of using joint calls and using role playing as a coaching tool.

Sales Coaching to Sustain Sales Success and Motivation provides an overview on how to coach team members to sustain a high level of sales success within their varying roles and responsibility. This course focuses on maintaining momentum and morale for sales staff by using different sales coaching strategies and reward programs. This course stresses the importance of ensuring sales objectives are manageable and identifies the factors that affect the success of sales teams.

Audience: Personnel responsible for leading a bank’s sales team or sales campaign.

Learning Objectives:

After completing Sales Coaching to Support the Sales Process, students will be able to:

  • Identify the organizational sales structure of a sales team and each level’s corresponding sales strategy
  • Describe the sales coaching process and the techniques used to achieve sales goals

After completing Sales Coaching to Sustain Sales Success and Motivation, students will be able to:

  • Match sales and coaching strategies based on job function
  • Implement reward and recognition programs to motivate staff
  • Coach individuals and team members to support the achievement of organizational goals