Robbery and Bank Security


Updated: October 2014

Robbery and Bank Security provides the tools needed to handle the most common security situations — an essential part of every bank employee’s job. In the course, students will learn the appropriate behavior for a robbery situation and how to respond to bomb and kidnapping threat, active shooter incidents, and fire. Students are presented with some typical behaviors of con artists and given guidelines to follow if they suspect a potential con artist or financial scam. It also reviews daily bank security routines to ensure their own physical safety, as well as the safety of coworkers and customers. This course concludes with a discussion about the personal responsibility of employees to practice ethical behavior.


Audience: Bank personnel in a retail branch environment.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior before, during, and after a robbery
  • Respond to bomb and kidnapping threats, active shooter incidents, and fire in a safe manner
  • Recognize potential con artist behavior
  • Demonstrate safe daily routines
  • Practice ethical behavior