Revitalizing Customer Service Curriculum



Part 1 – Basic Skills
Revitalizing Customer Service: Basic Skills presents the ten basic customer service skills that clients expect from any business interaction – internal and external. This course explores three communication methods for sharing information with clients, as well as the keys to effective listening that can have a positive influence on a client.

Part 2 – Handling Difficult Situations
Revitalizing Customer Service: Handling Difficult Situations provides ways to overcome obstacles that cause stress and can keep employees from displaying good customer service. This course pinpoints the real source of a client’s anger and helps employees accept the responsibility for ensuring an angry client feels their banking relationship is respected.

Audience: All levels of employees who want to learn basic customer service skills.

Learning Objectives: 

After completing Part 1: Basic Skills, students will be able to:

  • Describe the value of basic customer service skills
  • Explain the role of communication in providing customer service
  • Describe how effective listening enhances your customer service skills

After completing Part 2: Handling Difficult Situations, students will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of stress on customer service delivery
  • Explain how customer service skills can help with angry clients