Reg Z HOEPA and High-Cost Mortgage Loans


Description: Reg Z HOEPA and High-Cost Mortgage Loans describes the characteristics of mortgage loans subject to either the HOEPA or the HPML requirements of Regulation Z. The course explains the underwriting standards, timing and disclosure requirements, escrow, and servicing requirements. It also explains the penalties for violations of these sections of Regulation Z.

Note: The Reg Z Overview course must be taken at least once before any other Reg Z course is attempted.


Audience: All branch personnel responsible for taking consumer mortgage loan applications.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the disclosures required and what they include
  • Describe the features that are banned from high-rate, high-fee loans
  • Examine the impact of new laws and regulations that protect consumers against abusive lending practices
  • Recognize a HOEPA and a HPML loan based on price and type of loan
  • Describe the three new special compliance requirements
  • Identify the consequences for not complying with the new Reg Z rules