Referring Trust Clients


Referring Trust Clients teaches how to identify potential trust clients and effectively refer them to the bank’s trust experts. It examines the elements of a trust and the five primary reasons why clients want or need a trust. This course identifies the life events that could indicate the need for a trust product or service and match those needs to particular trust categories. The course will also examine agency and fiduciary accounts and their respective characteristics and benefits. Although students may not be expected to describe products or services to clients, an understanding of the benefits of trust accounts will enable students to identify needs, link those needs to trust products, and refer clients to a qualified trust expert by revisiting the effective referral model that was introduced in the Effective Client Referrals course

Note: The Effective Client Referrals course must be taken at least once before taking this course.


Audience: Bank personnel who manage client relationships and/or who are in a position to identify referral opportunities to trust specialists.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the five basic elements of a trust
  • Identify the five key reasons clients need or want a trust
  • Refer clients to the trust department using the Effective Referral Model
  • Identify trust accounts that map to clients’ needs