Referring Insurance and Annuity Clients


Referring Insurance and Annuity Clients provides the different types of insurance and annuity products and how to identify and refer clients who might benefit from those products. The course begins with a discussion of the bank’s role in selling insurance and annuities, including the responsibilities as an unlicensed employee. It introduces the features and benefits of various insurance and annuity products, including disability insurance, healthcare insurance, property and casualty insurance, and liability insurance. This course will revisit the effective referral model that was introduced in the Effective Client Referrals course. Students will learn how to make a referral to a licensed representative.

Note: It is recommended that learners new to client referrals and cross-selling complete the Effective Client Referrals course before taking this course


Audience: Bank personnel who have the opportunity to refer customers to designated, licensed insurance sellers in a bank.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe how insurance and annuities products and services address a client’s financial needs
  • Describe the common types and features of insurance and annuity products offered through banks
  • Identify the client characteristics that indicate a need for an insurance or annuity product
  • Use the Effective Referral Model to make referrals to bank-designated, licensed staff