Managing Employee Relations


Description: Managing Employee Relations is designed to prepare bank managers for the challenges of managing employees in the contemporary workplace. This course provides a four-step strategy for managing employee relations–compliance with legislation, managing diversity, handling work and personal issues, and fostering open communications. Managers review the legislation that protects employees from discriminatory and unfair practices, and learn what their legal responsibilities and requirements are when situations arise. Managers learn how to identify diversity issues in a team, how to respond to personal issues that affect the work environment, how to promote open communications, and how to establish formal and informal problem resolution processes.

Audience: Any manager or team leader with one or more reporting relationships.

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the impact of a manager’s role in establishing and maintaining sound employee relations in an organization
  • Identify four management strategies that support positive employee relations
  • Describe the purpose and intent of employment legislation governing workplace supervision
  • Identify diversity issues in a team and overcome related barriers to productive employee relations
  • Use effective guidelines for handling work and personal issues in a team
  • Implement management activities that facilitate open communications