Introduction to Relationship Selling


Description: Introduction to Relationship Selling  explores the Relationship Selling Process to improve selling abilities and pay attention to client needs and expectations by focusing on techniques to prepare for the first encounter with a new client; use verbal and nonverbal communication; use open and closed questions and listening skills; present products and solutions; handle client objections and sell against the competition; and close the sale.  

Audience: Bank personnel who are involved in sales activities in a retail-banking environment. 

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the six step relationship selling process and how it relates to meeting your client’s expectations
  • Determine how to plan for the success of your sales interaction
  • Take action to set a relaxing, positive, and professional sales climate and establish credibility with your client
  • Determine how to uncover your client’s needs by evaluating their situation
  • Ensure client satisfaction through the suggestion of appropriate products and solutions to meet their needs
  • Identify how to appropriately respond to client objections and concerns
  • Determine actions to close and follow up with a client