Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Products


Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Products details alternative investment classes that are a part of today’s clients’ portfolios. This course explains the different types of real estate investments and how they are valued. It identifies the benefits and risks associated with foreign investments. This course explores options, futures and forward contracts, and swap agreements. This course describes exchange traded funds (ETFs) and common trust funds. It explains general and limited partnerships, and provides ways to identify the characteristics of closely held corporations.


Audience: Trust officers with at least three years of personal trust experience who need a deeper understanding of technical trust concepts and how solutions work when applied to client needs.


Learning Objectives: After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe alternative types of investments to clients including the following: 
    • Hedge funds
    • Private equity
    • Real estate
  • Describe derivatives to clients including the following: 
    • Options
    • Futures and forward contracts
    • Swaps 
    • ETFs
  • Describe alternative investment formats to clients including the following: 
    • Common trust funds
    • Partnerships
    • Closely held corporations