Event-Based Selling Curriculum


Event-Based Selling-Preparing for the Event explains the importance of having a purpose and objectives for attending an event. This course explores the advantages and disadvantages of a co-hosted or attended event, and explains the preparation strategies to consider before attending and events in order to foster a successful outcome. This course examines the characteristics within groups and how to use the commonalities to identify financial needs and provide appropriate financial products and services.

Event-Based Selling-Executing the Event provides opening techniques to start friendly conversations with clients during an event. This course provides networking ideas to ensure that various interactions during the event are valuable. This course also explores ways to plan out an approach to follow-up with contacts made at the event based on observations and information gathered.


Audience: Those bankers whose responsibilities include attending, participating in, or hosting community-based group events. Students should have a working knowledge of their institution’s products and services.


Learning Objectives:

After completing Event-Based Selling-Preparing for the Event, students will be able to:

  • Determine the target audience and the type of group event
  • Identify professional and personal group characteristics and their commonalities
  • Explain how financial needs are driven by a customer’s professional or personal life

After completing Event-Based Selling-Executing the Event, students will be able to:

  • Practice relax to open techniques to help establish credibility with a client
  • Demonstrate effective networking techniques for moving between conversations
  • Apply the networking tips to ensure you are an effective networker
  • Explain how to use the Customer Connection form for notes and a follow up strategy